Field Boots by Fuller Fillies

Field Boots by Fuller Fillies

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Made from Whole-Hide Leather and lined with soft, high wicking material, the Fuller Fillies Field Boot comes in a range of three widths and three lengths - this is a discontinuing product so we don’t have all sizes!
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They’re oldies…but they’re still goodies!
This boot features a low Spanish curved top, Faux Lace section to the front ankle favoured by Event Riders and Cross-Country Enthusiasts, Spurr Stop, long zip to allow easy fitting, supportive in-sole and complementary Long Show Horn.

Black Only

Whilst the Boot has been available in three widths to accommodate calves of 15” -21 1/2” we now don’t have all sizes as they are discontinuing - those who need a different size, please take a look at the Plus in Boots offering!

Our sizing guides can be found after the images.
To measure correctly:
Pop your bare foot up on a chair and tuck your tape measure into the back of your knee - measure down to the chair seat, in inches to get your LENGTH. Remember, the boots will drop by about an inch with wear so if you are in between, opt for the longer length.
With your foot still on the chair measure around the widest part of your calf (usually about 4” down from the crease in your knee), this gives you your WIDTH - check both and order for the bigger…we all have odd calf widths! If you are in between two widths, the narrower will always give the best fit in the long run, providing you have time to wear them in a little before riding.