Where did Plus In Boots come from?

You all mostly knew Fuller Fillies… the acknowledged World experts in design and manufacture of equestrian and country clothing? So you may also know that the Company holding the license to produce Fuller Fillies Brand items folded this year following some contractual issues - and that is where Plus In Boots came from! Let me put it this way; Why would you build up 13 years worth of knowledge and design expertise and turn your back on it? And you all know what happens when I don’t have a project!

Boots had always been a raging success for Fuller Fillies; every order was bigger than the last but still, the Brand could not get ahead of demand meaning that, by the time the latest shipment arrived, all the popular sizes were sold out - in fact only 30% was ever available from any consignment. So, with some ‘enforced down time’ we decided to re-brand and concentrate - for the immediate future at least - on designing a new collection of boots for the equestrian market.

We have taken all of the sizing know-how gathered from 13 years of boot manufacture for XLovely Ladies, and applied it to an exciting new collection, initially for discerning Equestrians - and we have made some massive improvements!

Firstly; gone are the quarterly orders; we have ordered a whole year’s supply in one go… of course we cannot guarantee we won’t run out because even after 13 years in the industry we still don’t have a crystal ball…

Secondly, we have totally re-designed both the Field and Dress Boots! Now made from buttery soft, European leather both inside and out, the new boots have subtle detailing and features that bring them to the centre of the contemporary market - which we think our customers deserve!

  • Gone is the ruched elastic portion at the back which is replaced with leather sections over a broad elastic panel.

  • We have introduced a heel flap which, not only looks really classy, but as we have located the spur stop into that flap, (Field Boots only) you don’t feel any irritation caused by the rigidity; and of course, the bottom of the zip has added protection.

  • Beautiful sweeping details have been added to both the sock and the shoe - the kind of detail typically seen on only premier Brand boots.

Once we launch the Riding Boots we will move directly to sample a new Country Boot for the Autumn so keep an eye out for news of that towards the end of the Summer! Plus In Boots will be moving to offer ‘Fashion’ Boots as soon as we are able because we know that it isn’t only equestrians who need boots that actually fit!

I hope you enjoy the new site - and of course, our new boots! Thank you for visiting and I hope to see you again very soon.